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Our services have been meticulously designed to elevate your marketing operations and drive unparalleled growth.

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Marketing Automation Audits
Unlock the true potential of your marketing automation systems with our in-depth audits, ensuring efficient and effective campaign execution.
MOps System Implementation
Let us handle the implementation of Marketing Operations (MOps) systems to streamline your marketing workflows.
Email Optimization Reviews
Enhance your email marketing campaigns through expert reviews, resulting in higher engagement and conversion rates.
Email Deliverability Audits and Reputation Repair
Ensure your emails reach their intended recipients and repair any negative reputation issues affecting your deliverability.
Sales and Marketing Process Alignment
Our best practice coaching aligns your sales and marketing teams, optimizing processes for seamless collaboration.
Process Gap Assessments
Identify and bridge gaps in your marketing processes to ensure smooth operations and efficient resource utilization.
Fractional Marketing Director Services
Get access to experienced marketing leadership on-demand, providing valuable insights and direction for your marketing efforts.
Marketing Operation Strategy and Tactics
Develop a comprehensive marketing strategy and leverage cutting-edge tactics for unparalleled business growth.
Demand Generation Strategy and Execution
Fuel your business growth with data-driven demand generation strategies that captivate your target audience.
Demand Generation Planning Sessions
These custom sessions help you define the strategy and tactics your business will need to implement a growth strategy across your customer acquisition journey. These sessions involve a deep dive into your current processes, identify opportunities to improve your marketing flywheel and mature your marketing efforts.
Lead Scoring/Lead Attribution Planning
Strategically plan and implement lead scoring and attribution methods to identify high-quality leads and maximize your marketing ROI.
Customer Journey Mapping
Our Customer Journey Mapping audit offers a thorough analysis of your current customer journey, including competitive insights. The result is a comprehensive recommendations report for optimizing your user journey, guaranteeing seamless experiences and sustainable growth.
Process Gap Assessments
Identify and bridge gaps in your marketing processes to ensure smooth operations and efficient resource utilization.
Sheena is has a unique and effective combination of marketing skills. She has helped me achieve operational efficiencies, gain new insights into campaign performance, and improved our campaign strategies. In addition to day-to-day support, Sheena has also consulted and supported large strategic projects like system migrations.
If you’re looking for support across marketing automation, campaign development, and general marketing strategy, I highly recommend working with her! She is an incredible asset to any team she supports.
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– Melissa Weir, Pantastic
Sheena writes in a notebook, capturing her thoughts and ideas with utmost concentration

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